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We ask what you want,
We listen and then we make it happen!

We understand that your home is about your personal choices and tastes and we strive to create the right floorplan and the inclusions that tick the right boxes for you.

We dont let builders dictate what you can and can not have or what you can change.

By working with our experienced building experts we will save you the stress of trying to explain what you want to multiple people and still not achieving your desired outcome.

Start with any of our hundreds of standard options or bring the plan  that you love and we will customise or design a whole new home to suit your block, your tastes and your budget at no additional charge.

We cater for clients with religious requirements and have designed many homes to cater for Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra working in conjunction with experts in this field and our experienced drafting team.

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Why you cant compare generic plans, inclusions and prices

  If you have done the rounds of the builders and picked up 5 different 200sqm home designs you will notice that the prices and inclusions will vary.  Attempting to decipher each builders adaptation of “what a turn key house is” could leave you wishing you had not started the process in the first place. Some builders leave essential items out, some only provide allowances for items (generally insufficient), some provide provisional sums on items that should be fixed costs. Dont let builders bait you with base prices which appear cheaper than a builder with true turn key inclusions, Dont let builders catch you out later with all the extras at inflated prices once they have your deposit. Dont let builders coax you into a home based on special deals, offers, free give aways or gimmicks.  There is nothing “Free” when you build a home. We will guide you past all the builders gimmicks and pitfalls  

We place all builders on the same playing field. We assess what is included and add in the missing items and let you know if a builder you have been investigating is providing a true price or a price to bait your business. We have a panel of approved quality builders quote your home based on the same plan, same site costs, same inclusions ensuring we have a true price with genuine comparisons for your home. The results are remarkable!. Let us assist you  eleviate the guess work, remove the mystery and find you a true comparison for your dream home or project. We can honestly compare apples with apples and provide you a true price and product.

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