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Proven builders of the highest calibre

We accept nothing less than superior service and quality from our builders.


You can feel confident that the builders presented for your home project are among the best in the business. Our panel builders are the result of careful investigation and in most cases they have undertaken multiple projects for our clients with exceptional results. We don’t accept second best and nor should you.


The 2 main licence bodies in Queensland are

  • Master Builders Queensland and
  • HIA

Our builders must hold open licences with no restrictions and have a solid trading history of a preferred 5 year minimum

Our builders are generally licenced in Catagory 2 / 3 or 4 with the capacity to undertake between 3 Million upto 60 Million dollars a year in projects. We have the odd exceptional company outside these parametres Our builders cover – Single , Double and 3 storey homes , Town house projects 2 & 3 Levels between 2- 30 boxes, Investment homes, High quality / Luxury homes upto 600sqm, Knock down – Rebuilds, Child care centres and small commercial projects, Renovations, Sloping and difficult sites.



Initially a full licence history check is undertaken with QBCC to ensure that the builder has a clean trading history. We look for The type and grade of licence Licence number and date of issue Previous trading names Names of the current building Nominee Maximum revenue amount The number of completed jobs during the trading history Any Disciplinary action against the builder that has been noted on record


All builders are checked and monitored on Creditor Watch to ensure they have no unpaid debts, court judgements, Insolvancy notices, cross directorships with credit issues and have a sound credit history. Constant monitoring means we know when mercantile companies are making enquiries for unpaid debts, documents are lodged in ASIC and any other issues that may indicate potential uncertainty. Companies with any credit imparement are not accepted a suitable for our clients


Once all our preliminary checks are in place we visit sites and check the quality and standard of real jobs. A builder who has a clean trading history, clean credit history, proven portfolio of quality homes is accepted on to our panel. Building Brokers constantly monitor all home builds and the quality and ease of process with the builder. If we feel the builder is not meeting our standards they are removed from our panel. We do not accept anything less than the best for our clients. We currently have a wide range of builders from the larger mainstream names to smaller boutique companies . You will always select the builder that best suits your needs. You can feel confident that both you and your home are in the hands of experts

There are literally hundreds of qualified builders and companies in Queensland. Some spend hundreds of thousands on glossy advertising and some do not. This does not mean that the builder without the display home and brochure stock does not do as many quality homes per year or at any less a standard. What is important is the builders are proven in thier field but they are also the right type of builder for your specific requirements.  We do ensure the selection of builders presented match the works to be undertaken. 

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